Orange Juice With Pulp

by The Halfs

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Recorded in January 2014 over the course of a couple weeks in both the Clark University Recording Studio and Jasper's Home Studio, Orange Juice is The Halfs first full-length release.


released June 3, 2014

Jasper Boyd - guitar, drums, auxiliary percussion, synths, vocals & lyrics
Nina Petropolous - guitar, synths, vocals & lyrics
Ailey Wilder - vocals
Nick Pagan - counting, whistles, stories & vocals

Tracks 7, 9, 16, 21 - Mixed by Uncle Bhai
All other tracks mixed by Jasper Boyd

Mastered by Mike Tierney



all rights reserved


The Halfs Worcester, Massachusetts

The Halfs are Jasper Boyd and Nina Petropolous, we've been making music together since 2011. We love mixing genres and being strange. Listen to our first full-length release Orange Juice With Pulp if you like dream pop, fishing stories, and psychedelia. ... more

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Track Name: White Liar
Recently expired, I'm no white liar, nor are you,
Falling out graces, losing places I once knew,
It's all a two-way mirror and it's clearer when I can't see through, you

White Liar

I'm overly excited that you're invited but please come late,
I'm slipping and I'm speechless and I'm weakened by your voice's way,
of shaking out my name sounds like sun rain you kiss like summer ales,
Look at things my way, it sounds like a fine place, and you know who else is there

White Liar
Track Name: Anything
Am I paralyzed,
'cause I'm sure I should be shaken,
but I can't realize what it takes and what it's taken,
for me and you in our rooms and that hotel by the venue,
where I cleaned it out from the inside,

Are we paralyzed,
'cause i think we should be shaken,
I've done a couple lies and a few things on vacation,
but the thoughts would bring saltwater to your eyes and I don't wanna,
go down this road for the final time.

Stand up and,
Follow me home,
It's too late to,
go on your own,
in the morning,
the blue moon,
will be as rare as,
me & you,

say anything,
in the venue lobby,
false all things,
at the after party,
on the sky roofs,
the city moves,
with the blue moon,
and me & you, me & you.

Stand up and follow me home.
Track Name: Sorethroat
Get even cause I'm awake and they're just staring at your gold,
they're searching out by the bay they'll catch you and your cold,

Get lost because I'm okay and this time you're in the way,
get the hell off of the lake, my stomachs full of knots that I made,

Given me my sorethroat!
Track Name: Birthday
So I didn't actually drink at all on my 21st birthday,
I woke up at like 5:30 in the morning,
I had a lot to do that day,
I had to go to the stream and collect tons of bugs,
and Lauren was nice enough to help us by driving us there,

It was a cold day I remember when the sun was coming up
It was so cold, ever was really icy, and this was just in November
It was kind of strange
I had a little tea,
I opened my eyes and I was like I just gotta do this,
So we drove down to the stream,
It was the Coonamessett river,
And Tabea and I walked up and down the stream,
And then it started snowing big flakes for hours,
It was like November 11th,
13th that's my birthday, November 13th,
and It was like so wet and so cold,

but I got all the bugs I needed that day,
I was collecting them for a project,
I remember coming back and everyone was like,
"Wait Nick this is your birthday are you serious?",
I was like "yeah and I have to do a problem set later",
I didn't have a drink on my 21st birthday.
Track Name: Carol
I'm going through withdrawal, Carol!
Track Name: Feet
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Wouldn't say it's light work,
but it sure takes a stomach-full,
spinning a fooling around,
It's not a real structure,
but it damn sure is punctual,
and it's tying me down.

I'm not sure the time,
but I can give you a time frame,
and I hope that it ends up the same,
to corner the mind game by all means but fighting,
how did things get this way?
Track Name: For The Love Of God
All seconds pass,
Some hours wait,
I'm not talking to you,
the year i collapsed,
the longest I had with you.

It's alive and I'm unsure of stranger's homes and hallway curves,
it isn't right I know it hurts,
no one's soul is broke at birth.
Track Name: Yoming
I fucked up bad this time,
I don't have an answer,
I'm a capital I and I don't need an anchor.

Ditch the phones walk alone find Yoming,
Choose a road walk alone don't just follow me.

I think that was good.
Track Name: The Good One
Under the verdure you murmur home,
back to lonely peaks and plateaus,

1, 2, 3

Here things feel less close,
in orchards safe for hiding,
far from replies and all those prying.

Up here I'm making my own soundscapes,
Down there they take marble for their staircase.

When I was little I was fishing in pickerel pond,
With my brothers and my dad,
my older brother was almost pulled into the water by a massive fish,
he brought it up and it was the biggest fish I'd ever seen in my life,
we thought it was a pike Id never seen a pike before,
Esox lucius, I'd always dreamed about them,
I'd read about them in books,
Just as we were trying to get it into the boat,
It's teeth cut the line and took our big lure down into the depths,
but we always used to talk about that fish,
"Oh we saw a pike, Alex almost caught a pike that time" ,
It was fun.
Track Name: Hands
I don't hear sounds in the ocean
I don't know how it's holding me,
I don't feel cause just commotion,
what is throwing me?

Baby move your hands,
over my heart,
all my things,
my skin,
Calm and save my mind.

Paceless there's a part of you that hates this,
there's a part of you that made this,
what I learned from your handshake.

Baby move your hands,
over my heart,
all my things,
my skin,
Calm and save my mind.

Paceless there's a part of you that hates this,
there's a part of you that made this,
what I learned from your handshake.
Track Name: Bigger Like We Do
You draw lines,
I draw circles,
My heart has a curvature,
In mind it's fine.

It's not fair for you to say this,
It's not fair for you to write,
let these lines not be mistaken,
just abided by.

All it takes and I don't need it,
All it breaks and I can't heal it too,
All it makes and how it's changing you.
Track Name: I'll Repeat
Just clear the way,
there's something about your display,
that's making me unsure in a way that it hurts,
your attitudes out of line and I don't buy the alibi,
you got a nosebleed running down the front of your shirt.

and its a T bag made of dirt,
and like well you it ain't worth it,
burning my lips and making me cold,
so drink your orange juice and bourbon,
and sip it slow just like you earned it,
even though you stole it from your mother,
and she knows.

You're a bitch and I'll repeat.

Vague renderings,
strange ramblings without context,
we fail to see our ability to succeed,
we struggle,
and we fight,
and we burn slowly,
under an open flame,
life is ceaseless,
but we are peaceless.

You're a bitch and I'll repeat.
Track Name: Orange Juice
Be patient,
cause I don't know,
what will be,
but we'll see,
as we go.

Covered doorways,
garden walls,
a staircase dream that I can't draw,
all your cravings,
end up old,
and all your secrets,
end up told.
Track Name: Sequential
All the risks we took I'm just saying,
All the ways you look I'm just saying,
All you got confused I'm just saying,
what you got to lose?
Track Name: Slippery Eyes
Venus fell from her trap,
set the cliffs ablaze,
and cried ash.

I take it as an indication,
that our journeys must end nastier,
then anticipated,
and despite calibrated risks we took,
we're failing.

Runaway heart,
Runaway soul,
I'll come back after.
Track Name: Dogbreath
Track Name: SMPM
I'm a catch,
I'm a dream doll,
you're secrets not my fault.

So I was in this pool, a big pool at the end of a long clear stream,
fly-fishing for big large-mouth bass,
and I could see them in the water,
and I finally got this one medium-sized bass on the line,
it was swimming around everywhere,
then i noticed this big bass turn really aggressively,
and started chasing after the fish that I was fighting,
it even got it in it's mouth for awhile,
then they went under the weeds and I didn't see them again,
I never got them in.

I'm a catch,
I'm a dream doll,
you're secrets not my fault.
Track Name: Flowers
Of all the flowers I take after you,
Of all the flowers I took after you.

You broke the skin.
Track Name: I'm Not Asking
I'm not asking.